Info for Artists

For artists who are interested in exhibiting their work at A.R.t Galerie, please contact Teofila Matova ( Below are general requirements and expectations for exhibiting at A.R.t Galerie.

Artists and Exhibitors
All are welcome, but review of art is required before being accepted or invited into the gallery. If it is mutually agreed upon by artist/exhibitor and gallery owners that the art will be hosted, a written contract will be made. Space is free. We host by commission, using the standard 80/20. For each piece sold, the artist/exhibitor gets 80% and the gallery owners get 20%.

It will be expected that the artist and/or exhibitor be present for their individual exhibition opening. It would be ideal, and highly recommended, that the artist/exhibitor provide presence to their collection and visit it from time to time while on display. This helps the gallery visitor by being available to answer questions about the exhibit and it offers the gallery visitors with a “real artist” connection to the art.

Duration of Exhibits
We want to rotate our exhibits, so we will rotate the displays at a 90 day time period. If an additional month of display is requested, a renewal of contract must be made with the gallery owners.

Termination of Exhibit Contract
If at any time an artist or exhibitor wants to remove his/her collection, a Termination of Exhibit contract must be prepared through the gallery owners.