Current Artists

Lusus Saule (main floor)

Lusus Saule has studied fine art in the UK, and whilst maintaining a strong interest in drawing and painting, he also likes to explore the possibilities of digital and virtual art.

He presently displays his work at his own space known as WU Gallery at:

The gallery also has a website with exhibition information, tutorials, downloads and more:

There is also a cinema associated with WU Gallery which shows movies, machinima and cartoons:

Lusus presently has works on display at:

Elin Egoyan (second floor)

My artistic life started about 20 years ago with a pencil, soft pastel crayon and my fingers as tools. Finally after a long time ignoring my desire to draw (teenagers are busy with far more ‘important’ things of course:)) I gave in and,… was lost! I really got the hang of it!

In pastel crayon I found soon satisfaction in making ethical portraits. The challenge to make them almost photographic was high, and came out as I liked it. As example I took photo’s that triggered me. A look or expression in the faces or simply how someone sat or did was enough. I took what I found important and let out what was not essential. If you are interested to see these pastels you will find some of them in ZRM Gallery. (see my picks)

But the smell of oil paint was calling  and it did not take very long to change my direction. First oil paintings, but because of my impatience ( it takes sooooo long before oil paint is dry) I started soon after that with acrylic paint.

Looking back I see that my subjects often expresses things of (my) life. Things were I am thinking about, a feeling or emotion. I try to tell that in bright and harmonious colours and painting with my intuition and inner emotion as guide, I let myself float with the motions and colours. Normaly  starting a painting and not knowing were it ends.

When I came to Second Life, one of my  main goals was to have my own gallery and show what I made in RL. In those  3 years I found so many satisfaction in being creative in more ways SL offers. The landscaping, the building,… the drive to make  creations better and better.

Very careful I  stepped recently on the artistic SL-road and make digital art and vases. And so my SLigital art and RLainting art and life’s meet and unite to something were I am very happy about.