Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A.R.t Galerie is MOVING ON... New Location, New Beginnings

After five fabulous years at New Boston Art Colony (nee New Boston Station), A.R.t Galerie is moving to a new location:  A.R.t Galerie @ Insight Island,

It was with much consideration and thought that I made the difficult decision to dissolve New Boston Art Colony as a sim altogether, which lead me to find a new home for A.R.t Galerie.  Fortunately, Hypatia Dejavu (former sim owner for New Boston Station) who owns Insight Island offered a comparable location for A.R.t.  Hypatia is a dear RL & SL friend.  This transition would not be possible without her support &, most importantly, her friendship.

Right now, I'm in the midst of transitioning the Galerie over to Insight.  The building itself is there and I'm slowly working on refining the interior textures & landscaping the parcel.

Other words in progress include contracting new artists to exhibit at the Galerie at its new location and arranging for a grande re-opening party.  This will be an all day event to cover all time zones.

Rest assured that A.R.t Galerie will not lose its momentum, passion & the power sense of support for the arts.  I am committed to the arts in SL (and in RL).  I'm very excited about this new location, new beginning.  :-)

YAE!  -- Teo.

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