Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Happy Anniversary, Baby!

Wordle: A.R.t Galerie in Second Life I cannot believe that it's been four years already! A.R.t Galerie is officially four years old.  I started using Second Life in February, 2007.  I met an amazing and inspirational real life artist who drove me to the creation of A.R.t Galerie -- he was my muse.  The "A" and "R" represent the initials of our real life names.  He is a very talented still life artist.  Isn't it ironic that Still Life (SL) and Second Life (SL) would meet in this way?

Since September 2007 I have hosted over 42 artists at A.R.t Galerie.  I have had many other inspirations that helped me to develop and form my galerie into what it is today.  I feel blessed to have worked with so many talented artists.  I am honoured to have met so many gifted and talented individuals.

This exhibit, which will run through the remainder of this month through October 2011, will be quite a celebration!  I will host a new artist (to A.R.t Galerie) on the main floor:  Ronin1 Shippe.  On the middle floor, I will host a collection of work developed by another colleague in Second Life, Tallulah Winterwofl.  On the top floor, I will host a collage of various work that has exhibited at A.R.t Galerie over the years.

Our first event will be this Sunday, 21 August @ 4P SLT/PDT.  Sexy blues & jazz vocolist, bFlat Unplugged will perform LIVE for us, as we begin our celebration of the arts and the exhibiting talented artists.

Cheers!  :-)  -- Teo.