About Us

A.R.t Galerie @ New Boston Art Colony
SLurl: http://slurl.com/secondlife/New%20Boston%20Station/30/42/22/

Blog:  http://artgaleriesecondlife.blogspot.com/

Curator & Manager: Teofila Matova, teofila[dot]matova[at]gmail[dot]com

Group: A.R.t Galerie (I encourage you to please join this group)
About A.R.t Galerie
A.R.t Galerie is located at New Boston Art Colony.  A.R.t Galerie has three floors and spacious land, plenty of space for artists and exhibitors to show and sell their art in SL. We enjoy hosting fine RL and SL art of all formats and genres: painting, still life, modern art, contemporary, photography, abstracts, stained glass, pottery, sculptures. We offer live music and/or DJs with our exhibition openings and other special events and programs. We have dance balls nicely located at various spots on the island and in the gallery.