Thursday, September 1, 2011

4th Anniversary Events!

It's TODAY!  A.R.t Galerie celebrates her 4th anniversary.  :-)  Here are some of the live events being held today:
  • 1P - 3P SLT:  bFlat Unplugged (special 2 hour set!)
  • 4P SLT: Davadean Madrigal
  • 5P SLT:  Cylindrian Rutabaga
It's a special time for me, well, all of us!  I'm so honoured to have hosted so many talented artists throughout the years.  From now through October we have RONIN1 SHIPPE exhibiting on the main floor.  A collective of works curated by TALLULAH WINTERWOLF, "5 Good Girls & 3 Boys," on the second floor.  On the top floor, I've created a collection of various works that have been hosted at A.R.t Galerie over the years.  

Hope you can join us for the celebration.  We'll be going all day long, so pop in when you have a moment.

Cheers,  -- Teo.

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