Sunday, January 16, 2011

A.R.t Galerie Event: 22 Jan 2011 @ 11A SLT

bFlat Unplugged to perform LIVE @ A.R.t Galerie > 22 JAN 2011 @ 11A SLT
SLURL: A.R.t Galerie, New Boston Art Colony (47, 19, 23)

About bFlat: I have always loved to sing, and have been singing in RL since the mid '90s and online since 2004. While I also sing rock, pop, and jazz, I just have an affinity for the blues that won't go away. I've tried solo studio singing, and it's never worked for me; I need to sing to a live audience. I love to have fun and share my energy through song, and I'm pleased to have found SL!


* Van Caerndow
* briawinde Magic
* r0bin Helsinki

Very fine art! Please come visit!!! Dance, Sing, Celebrate Art! :-)
Teofila Matova

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