Saturday, September 11, 2010

Welcome September / October 2010 Exhibiting Artists!

It is a festive season... Fall is upon us. :-) We have three very fine artists exhibiting with us:

Autopilotpatty Poppy
Autopilotpatty Poppy has been a Second Life resident since 2005 when her son, Vlad Bjornson, a SL resident artist, encouraged her to come inworld with her own floral photography. The pair have worked together on a number of projects together and continue to support each other to this day.

Poppy (as she is known) is well-known for both her RL and SL photography and her volunteer work with the residents of Caledon and of Oxbridge University near her home in Caledon Tamrannoch. Poppy has done collaborative work with Douglas Story and other prominent SL artists in the past. Her galleries have been 5-star rated.

She currently curates her a small gallery on the DePaul University campus - (floral close-ups); Caledon's Steam SkyCity - ( Stockings! on the main floor and a Rogues Gallery on the 2nd floor); and in Caledon Tamrannoch - (a new exhibit will be up Sept 15th of her RL photography). She has pieces on exhibit at Steampunk Adventures in Winterfell Anodyne - (steampunk).

Moeuhane Sandalwood
Moeuhane Sandalwood is a stroyteller and conceptual photographer, specializing in 'staged art'.

As a resident artist Moe is part of the AeoniaArt Collecitve.

For the most part Moe works with scenery and moods found on the awesome sims presented by SLs most gifted residents.
Although working with specific locations and scenery at times, he mostly picks out a tiny detail and tries to capture the story within to be relived by the spectator in his/her very personal way.

Every piece of his work is a stage of life where the spectator is also actor and director, reliving the story through his/her own eyes.

Recently Moeuhane Sandalwood - journalist in his real life - also started to share some RL-photography in Second Life.

May Rosebud
May Rosebud says "In early 2005, my son ran across SL and downloaded it and tarted
learning how it worked. In about a month he had his wife in here too. I started watching over their shoulders and was soon interested and created my own avatar on my 55 birthday as a birthday present to myself.

At first May wasn't sure what she would do in SL. All she knew was that she wanted to do a bit of everything so she started learning how to build, and create textures, which led to a clothing store called 'La Rose De Mai' (The May Rose)sing the French because hery first shop was in the Rue dAlliez, and because her grandmother's family was French.

She noticed Relay for Life for the first time in 2006 just as it was ending the main walk for the year. By the next year, she had learned more about it and had joined a team.

"I love all of the people I have met, and I wanted to help but was not sure what I would be best at. I can build but am not an expert at it, and I wanted to help the people who I meet who were having to deal with the ravages of cancer. I had very strong feelings about wanting to find a cure from my real life experiences of having lost my grandmother to lung cancer and having my mother become a cancer survivor after bilateral mastectomies for breast cancer.

"In 2005 I also met my man in here, Ren Stonecutter, who is a real-life doctor and cares for cancer victims and their families. I have attended many of his talks and learned the importance of the work of the American Cancer Society in research, education and care of cancer patients."

May has also started a friends group called Queen May's Court. "I created an award called The Order of the Queen's Rose, as I found myself wanting to award those who were doing so much work for the people in here."

She found that there was a year-round need for volunteers on the American Cancer Society Island and became a greeter. She was elected Chair at the first meeting. She discussed with several others, that the island needed a face lift after Relay for Life in 2008, and made some suggestions about what was needed. Many of
those have been incorporated into the new design of the sim.

As Chair of the ACS Greeters, May is working on having a greeter either on the island or on call to the island at all times for anyone needing assistance.

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