Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A.R.t Galerie Live Event

Glolo Ling!!! He's gonna belt out his voice in harmony with our artists: DRAGHAN MARKSMAN, NEEKS KARU, & FORMATTING HELIOSENSE.

Frequently appearing @ the Lolo Lounge, virtually the finest little boite in the Pacific Northwest. Glolo Ling has been singing and performing publicly for more than five years.

Known in some other life as Guapong Lolo and G-Lolo, but referring simply Lolo, he inadvertently "came out of the shower" in 2003 when neighbors strongly suggested that he find venues to perform.

Please join us for this fun celebration!
:-) -- Teo.

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Teofila Matova said...

Due to unforeseen circumstances, today's event (scheduled for 11A PDT/2P EST) we are postponing for another date, to be announced. Cheers, -- Teo.